Movie Talk & My Feeling

It’s sunny in my hometown!

It seems to end a rainy season… Finally! I have been missing going hiking. Can’t wait :))


Today I went to a movie theater to check a new by Makoto Shinkai, Weathering With You“. I really love how he describes and draws nature in his artworks. Tokyo was perfectly & beautifully described in this movie.

I’m super impressed by how much he loves rain. I’ve watched “The Garden of Words” a while ago and I remember I cried because the movie well reminded me of how beautiful the world could be. Nature is great. That’s all I want to say. Highly recommended!


weathering with you.png

the weathering with you 2.jpeg

-From Weathering with you by Makoto Shinkai-


The garden of words.png

-From The Garden of Words by Makoto Shinkai-


So, I only have 38days to spend days in Japan until I move to Norway. I’d like to talk about how I feel in this post.


1. Excitement 

First of all, all I come up is excitement. I just can’t wait to see how I see things differently between traveling and living there. Let’s see how my life could change. I’m just sooo excited to live with my amazing boyfriend and work on things together.

I have LOTS of things to wanna do in Europe. Of course, I wanna travel around the country to country and share my experiences on my Travel Instagram and this blog. The world would change.

2. Worries

Second of all, worries. I have to send my packages to Norway, buy & bring my cosmetics, cancel a contract of my phone, change the status of my residence, insurance, and pension card… So many things to consider. It is not just traveling, so I still have a bit weird feeling.


3. Appreciation

Lastly, appreciation. It is not easy to move to a different country. Thanks to my boyfriend, my family, friends and his family, I am finally about to realize my desire. I have wanted to live in another country because I can be “I” only once. So-called YOLO. I don’t have to be stuck in one country. However, I had never expected to live in Norway. I knew the country is so popular, happy, peaceful and located in Northern Europe. But I NEVER knew I am going to live there. Even with my boyfriend. I am very appreciative.


Life is very unexpectable. I hope I can flexibly enjoy living in my life!


It is short but I stop here today.

Thank you for looking at this page!


Have a nice day 😉







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