Cheap Flight Ticket for Youth & Student


Hello! I hope you are having great days 🙂

It’s been raining for a long in my hometown and I’m getting fed up with humidity.

I do not dislike rain though, I’d rather spend my day outside.

How about you? How do you like spending your day recently?



Firstly, I’d like to show my appreciation to everyone for viewing my blog.

I am so happy when some people give me a message and say they are looking at my blog.

I’ve been too busy (lazy) to update here but I will try to show you how I do in Norway.

WOW isn’t it so exciting to be able to live in the amazing country? ヽ(*’▽’*)ノ




Quitting Work in Japan

Sooo, as I announced that I have purchased the flight ticket on Instagram, it’s been solid to leave Japan in September.

I have been through a lot of tough moments. The toughest one was when I tell the branch manager about my will to quit a job.

Even though I wasn’t always satisfied with what I am doing at work, my coworkers are always kind to me so I definitely had a guilty.

However, he just kindly let me know he is sorry to let me go and he could have done more for me.

I was surprised that he does not try to persuade me not to quit cuz I have heard Japanese company is persistent on that way.

Since we have had a conversation, it’s in progress and I will officially quit at the end of August. I can take day-off for 18days so basically I don’t have to go to work in August −but still paid.

It is even more considered than I expected. It’s more comfortable to get ready for moving.

Thank you company. Arigatou arigatou ・゚・(ノД`)・゚・


I am not sure when I can visit my friends in Tokyo yet but hope our schedule will be matched! (*´꒳`*)



How much do you think the flight ticket costs between Japan to Norway?

It is actually… hard to say because it depends on the season.

I struggled to find a cheap ticket at this time because I only saw over ¥100,000 ($928) ticket with more than 2 transfers.

I could not close my damn-looking opened mouth cuz I even saw my favorite airline SAS offers at ¥160,000. Whyyy…


It surely used to be ¥80,000 ($742) in the last October!!!


Then, ofc I asked my boyfriend cuz he always fixes problems for me.

He told me about this website Kilroy to find cheap tickets for youth and students.

This website is SOOOO HELPFUL. Tickets here are real cheaaap.

Let’s see.

スクリーンショット 2019-07-20 21.26.38.png


Click the “Flights” button at the far right side…


スクリーンショット 2019-07-20 21.30.16.png




スクリーンショット 2019-07-20 21.35.37.png


And look at yellow highlighted-EUR677 one.


Convert EUR 677 to YEN… it’s ¥81,880 ($760).


Now let’s compare it with Skyscanner.

I will look up under the same condition.


スクリーンショット 2019-07-20 21.38.08.png


The cheapest ticket is only found at ¥91,357.


Now you can see how different they are.


Since Kilroy offers tickets at student and youth price, we can get such cheap flight tickets.

However, you need to get an International Students Identity Card (ISIC) or International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) at the website.



スクリーンショット 2019-07-20 21.46.17.png



It only costs ¥1700ish when I got IYTC so I would HIGHLY recommend if you are under 30 years old (or student) and want to fly at a cheap price.


I am sure Japanese people do not know this website. It would help you to save up money!

I sometimes saw this “IYTC DISCOUNT AVAILABLE” in Norway so it may be useful abroad?? Sorry I am not sure about it :0




I am getting sleepy so today I will stop writing here.

I hope this page would help your travel plans!


OYASUMI (。・ω・。) ❤









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