Balayage Style

Got my hair dyed!





Do you know what “Balayage” is?



Take a look: What is Balayage? By ELLE



One of my hobbies is trying new hair Salon and changing my hairstyle.



At this time, I chose Gala Shibuya in Tokyo. I usually go try in Harajuku’s. One day I randomly found one account on Instagram which is run by a famous hair stylist. His name is Takahiro Izumi, who is a director of this hair salon. All of his styles look really unique and are required for the technique. Moreover, my favorite “Instagrammer” Mimi Furu, who lives in San Diego, USA is a regular customer here.  So why not. I decided to go there.

いつもは原宿の美容室を巡るのですが、今回はGala Shibuyaという渋谷・東京にある美容室へ。そう至った経緯はというと、ある日インスタグラムを何気なく見ていたら、店長である泉さんのアカウントを発見。彼が仕上げるスタイルはどれも独特で、テクニックが要るものでした。更に私のお気に入りの、サンディエゴ・アメリカ在住のインスタグラマー、ミミさんがここの常連さんであることを知り、行くことに決めました。


I arrived at Shibuya 10:40am. To kill the time, I went to Starbucks Coffee and grabbed Chai Tea. Chilled out and headed out to the hair salon. First of all, I want to mention at first that I didn’t know the hair thing needs 6 HOURS AND A HALF. I was starving after it finished. (11:30am-6:00pm) Also, the price was really expensive. I ended up paying ¥30,000 for his technique.




Was it worth it? YES. I am pretty sure that there are few stylists who can do this same in Japan. And he asked me carefully how I want to change my hair. He did exactly what I expected in the end.



I tried to get my hair balayage colored before. The stylist in Harajuku did well as well but he was ok. Why was he ok? I think he has a good technique but he pushed his idea too much to me and my hair looked a bit green. Price was cheap though. And, It was NOT Balayage. (¯―¯٥)



If you really want to try “Balayage Style” in Japan, I would like to recommend here. Especially for Asian women! Even though you don’t live in the USA where the balayage style is popular, you can make it.

バレイヤージュを日本で試したいのなら、Galaさんを高くお薦めします。アジア人女性には特に、です。バレイヤージュが人気なアメリカでなくても、実現できるんですよ。私が財布を痛めつけて実証したのでΣ(´□` )











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