Back to Normal Life

I’m here in Japan.

Norway had been treating me so amazing. I still feel like I was dreaming like I told my boyfriend before.

Seeing him at the airport, going hiking, making food, laughing together, taking a lot of pictures, playing with his lovely dog Lukas, enjoying the fresh air, Being able to look at him for real life…

Wow, I miss him and Norway so bad.

However, I have a lot of things to take care of here.

First of all, I will have a mid-term exam soon. Also, I should save money for his next visit to Japan so that I can fully enjoy life with him. So I am working almost every day recently.

It sucks sometimes bc I get soooo tired after work. But while I am standing on my position at work, I always think about him and “yes I can hold on a bit more”. I don’t know how long this keeps going but I am pretty sure it’ll work out in the end.


Drinking my favorite Chai Tea and working at the school.

It’s gonna be a good day 🙂




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